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I am currently in a serious dilemma and would appreciate some input.

It is a rather uncommon situation. I was a full time student only for a year (I completed half of my credits during high-school, as a part time student), and degrees over here are conventionally 3-year long. Obviously I did not form many connections with professors over a single year (not to mention that here classes are full of people, and it's not uncommon for a student, even an excellent student, not to know ANY professors during his entire undergrad). I do know one or two, one that I feel very comfortable asking for a good recommendation, and the other less so (not because I did not impress him, but mainly because we don't know each other very well).

However, since I completed my B.Sc, I have been working on a project in the industry that is very well related to my field (it's more applied physics rather than physics, but still, it fits very well with my academic ambitions). I worked for more than a year, and still working. From that project I met two physics Phds who I feel comfortable asking a recommendation from. As I said, the project is related to my academic field, however I still feel uncomfortable getting 2 out of 3 recommendations from industry. Does anyone have any experience with that? Did anyone get into a top program with 2 out of 3 from industry? I know most recommendation forms ask for comparative information with other students in your class, which will obviously be a problem for them to asses (they can compare me only to students who have worked with them, who are on average much more experienced than I am).

Other than that, of course my grades are fine, and I am hoping for a solid score on the physics GRE and expecting an 800 on the GRE quantitative (as predicted by powerprep 4 times). How much will this imbroglio hinder my chances of getting into a top program?

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