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1490, Biomedical engineering.


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I would request the seniors from Biomedical Engineering to please review my profile and help me. Would be very thankful..!!!


Final year student at Institute of Engineering and Technology, UttarPradesh Technical University.

Branch-Electronics and Instrumentation

B.tech., 69% aggregate til 3rd yr

topper is 75%



PhD in BME


GRE score






1) research project at IITK in biomedical engg deptt, on drug delivery.

2) Working as an intern at Sanofi-Aventis, a pharmaceutical company's R&D centre, submitted an article on micro dosing to a journal on the basis of the work here.

3)one more on Bimedical application of electronics


Field of Interests

1) Drug delivery

2) Regerative medicine

3) Nano biotechnology

4) Tissue Engineering

5) Tissue Engineering.


Extra curriculars ( guess these wnt matter much)

1) IEEE chairperson for the college IEEE chapter. For those who dnt kno, IEEE is the oldest and the largest body of electronics and electrical engg in d world,been 125 yrs old now

2) Been organiser and participant of various college and intercollege cultural and sports fest.

3) Active in college student bodies.



My questions

1. Which universities should I apply to.??

Have been thinking of these seriously-






I am still open to modifications in list...along with a few more additions


2. Suggest maybe, safe and moderate universities??

3) What all should I consider while applying??

4)Which universities do I stand a chance at?

You think I stand a chance at some Ivy League school?


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although i am not in biomedical (i'm in the engineering field), everything looks pretty decent enough, very good overall GRE scores good work experience. However we are talking about a PhD program and not a masters program. Which now you are going up against the very best of the very best especially since we are talking about biomedical.

My professor at my school went to University of Michigan - Ann Arbor (one of the top 10 biomedical schools). He had his bachelors in EE, then went and got his masters in CompSci and it wasnt till then that he went to get his MS and PhD in BioMed. So putting it into perspective, your going up against others who already might have a masters and who have already demonstrated that they excelled thus far.

Although no one here can say yes you will get into XYZ school or no you wont, i can tell you what i plan on doing. Pick about 10 schools and make 2-3 be reach schools, 2-3 be safe schools and the rest be average schools. Don't let someone here from stopping you to applying to the school of your dreams. Although it might not be the best decision, many schools if your applying to a PhD program, will deny you to a PhD program, but accept you into the masters program. Once your in the masters program if you excel and apply back again into the PhD program, i have a very hard time thinking they wouldn't accept you or any other school for that matter for the PhD program.

Theres nothing you can do right now to try and improve your overall sucess of admittance, the only thing you can solidfy is getting some solid recommendation and make sure your statement of purpose is on point and specific.

Good luck

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