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Do I stand a chance to get into any of the Top 20 Unis for MS in CS?

Pratik Patel

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I completed my Bachelors(Bachelor of Engineering) in Computer Engineering from India this year and I wish to apply for MS in CS, Fall 2011.

I did not do my bachelors from one of the top colleges here, but it does find a place in the list of top 100 Engineering Colleges in India.

I did my internship at IIT Bombay (which is among the top Institutes for CS in India) and am working here as a Research Engineer after my graduation.

My percentage is 75% (GPA 3.7/4).

I have a publication (short paper) in a workshop aligned with COLING 2010.

I am a US greencard holder (US Permanent Resident)

I would like to know:

  • Do I have any chance of getting into any of the Top 20 Unis ?
  • By what time shall I give GRE and TOEFL so that I don't miss any deadline? I would like to give it as late as possible so that I get maximum time for preparation.

Thanks in advance

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