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Advice for Speech Pathology Career


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I am currently doing my research in speech pathology schools. I am a CUNY student at York studying Speech Communication/ Education. I currently have my LAST and ATS-W teacher certification. I desire to do my Masters in speech path within CUNY system but it seems highly competitive! Please help and advice me! :D

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There is an open house for Hunter College this Thursday night, September 16th, 6:30-9:30 pm at the Brookdale Campus (25th street and 1st ave), where you can ask questions about the program and admissions process. You have to RSVP by email by Wednesday night. If you'd like I can send you a private message with the info and contact email.

Have you taken all of the prereq classes already, as part of your undergrad? I believe all of the CUNY schools with SLP masters programs require them, though each school requires different ones. I'm familiar with the process of getting into prereq classes at Hunter and Brooklyn (and it really is a process...) if you need any advice on that.

And yes, all of the NYC area programs are competitive; there's no way around that. Actually the CUNY schools are the most so, just because they're so affordable. I know that Hunter and Queens have a 10-15% acceptance rate. If you're willing to leave New York City, you'll have a much better chance. Unfortunately I'm stuck here, so I'll be braving those odds this spring...

At the Hunter open house they tell you all kinds of info about the average GPAs and GRE scores, last year's acceptance rate, etc., and also talk (honestly, it seems) about the other CUNY schools' programs. I'd highly recommend going. They only do them once per semester.

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I can't tell you about CUNY specifically, but SLP grad school in general, nationwide, is quite competitive. More and more programs are only accepting a few "leveling" students, who have little or limited class background. I'm not sure if Speech Communication implies communication sciences and disorders.

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