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Figuring out The Best Grad School for me



Hey Everyone, I am currently an rising Senior at Norfolk State University majoring in Social Work. I will be graduating May 2023 and I want to get my Masters in Social Worker but I want to do Advance Standing. My only problem is I don't know what school to go to. Im looking to stay towards the East Coast but am looking to venture out if need be. My cumulative GPA is a 3.7 and since I already attend an HBCU I was looking to diversify my education. I have been doing my own research as far as schools but alot of them have online programs which I am not opposed to but do prefer In Person or Hybrid Classes. If anyone could give me some insight on schools with MSW specializing in Macro SW that would be great. Im looking to work with populations of either young woman or juveniles. 

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Okay Noted! I currently have been looking at University of Georgia, University of Houston and Florida State University. Do you have any knowledge on those schools and their MSW programs specifically for Advance Standing.

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