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Please evalulate my profile


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Would you please evaluate my profile whether I am competitive for the application for the schools I mention for the PhD in Accounting


Master of Accountancy: The Chinese University of Hong Kong, GPA: 3.85 out of 4.0, major in accountancy

Bachelor of Science in Applied Accounting: Oxford Brookes University, UK, graduated with first honor

GMAT Score (Q:50 V:32) = 680 (85 percentile)

Professional Qualification

1) Chartered Certified Accountants: Affiliate (passed the exams but do not have enough practical experience)

2) Certified Management Accountants: Member

3) Certified Internal Auditor: Member

4) Chartered Financial Analyst: Affiliate (passed the exams but do not have enough practical experience)


Hong Kong Top Achiever of Financial Reporting (Chartered Certified Accountants)

Hong Kong Top 20 Affiliates (Chartered Certified Accountants)


One paper published in the Hong Kong Institute of Certified Public Accountants (The paper was written in English)

Work Experience

3 year work experience as a Teaching Assistant (Accounting) at one of the University of Hong Kong

1.5 year practical accounting work experience, mainly about financial reporting and internal control

(I know that my weakness is my GMAT score. If I decide not to retake, which school am I still competitive for?)

Schools for PhD Application

Harvard, MIT, Stanford, Oxford, U of Michigan, NYU, U of Chicago, Wharton, U of Washington (Seattle), U of Wisconson, U of Minnesota, U of Texas Austin, Ohio State U, U of Indiana, Washington University in St. Louis

(Of course, these schools are super hard to get in, so I have some backup schools. Then how about the schools listed below?)

U of Florida, Rutgers University, Florida State Univeristy, UC Davis and Irvine, Boston University, University of Arizona, University of Oregon.

Thank you all for your great effort to seriously evaluate my profile.

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