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Publishing a physics paper, seeking qualified math collaboration

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Hi there,

I am a physicist seeking a qualified math collaborator. I have received consideration for publication of my work on macroscopic quantum superposition states, conditional upon making some revisions to the transcript. I am a physicist by training, and advanced math is not my strength. For the right individual, I am hoping this collaboration would be a satisfying project and a foray into advanced physics, with a likely end result of being published in an established scientific journal and proper credit. For someone with the right background, this will probably be a fairly easy project.

I can provide more information if you are interested. The revision is due to the journal in mid-September 2010. Collaboration would be done online, at our mutual convenience. Topics include Hilbert spaces/linear vector spaces, metrics, matrices, linear differential equations.

The paper is available in its current state here.

Thank you,


theskyband (at)

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