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How do I get there?


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I have big dreams. I mean BIG. I am an educator, and I want to make big changes to our national education system. I want to be an academic, professor, researcher, policy-maker. But, I don't know how to get there. I am a single mom living paycheck to paycheck. I only got through my undergrad studies because I had a full academic scholarship. I graduated summa cum laude. But I don't have any idea how to find funding for graduate studies. How to get into great schools (would love to get into Stanford's co-op M.Ed/J.D. program). My family has no idea how to help as none of them have ever gone to college. I feel stuck. I'm posting for help:


Where do I go for advice? How do I get started? Is it possible with a child? I hear Cinderella stories all the time but I don't know how to get mine started.


*be kind*

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