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Is there a way you can get into PhD with low GPA?



Is there any way you can get accepted to PhD program in history, comparative lit, area studies with a low GPA (mid 2.0 range), if you have a portfolio showing your research?

I’ve heard that if you have bad GPA you should get Master's first and get a good GPA in Master's, but I’m wary of having to do this, because Master’s requires taking classes you might not be necessarily interested in and costs a lot of money too. 

If my would-be-advisor professor likes my portfolio, could he override the low GPA? 

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I had a 2.67 GPA when I graduated with my second Bachelor's Degree. I took a ten-year break between my degrees, and when I came back, I got 4.0s across the board. I was denied to two Masters programs, but was accepted to two. I think a big part of it was that they looked at the cum. GPA and ignored what I said about my GPA, which was that I had things that happened in my initial undergrad program that led to the low grades. However, from talking to several Directors of Graduate Education as I'm working through applying for Fall 2023, they all say that they only look at grades/GPA if it comes down to admitting one of two candidates. They're more concerned with your statement of purpose, and the strength of your writing sample. Honestly? I'd talk to the Director of Graduate studies where you're applying, and just ask what they look for most in an applicant. Good luck!

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