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Taking the GRE Abroad?


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I took the GRE for the first time today, and while I was pleased with my quantitative score, verbal ended up being a mess. So, I'm planning on studying solely verbal and taking the exam again at the end of October so I can get scores in time for the application season.

The thing is I'm moving to Japan on Monday for the next ten months, and will have to take the test abroad. Has anyone else taken the test while abroad? Did you find the experience different than taking it in the US? (The test is still in English, right? ;_;)


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I am a Chinese student who took GRE this year.

In some countries in Asia, the GRE is a split exam, whose Quantitive and Verbal parts are paper-based and we can only take it twice a year----in June or October. However, the new type of GRE will be used next year after June,2011.

To know more , I think you can check it out on ETS website.

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