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What is the best process to get good LORs?




I am applying to several doctoral programs this fall and I would like to get pointers on selecting faculty for letters of rec. Any of you with suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance!


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You definitely select a professor in a class where you got great grades and that knows you well. If it has been some time since you took the class, a good way to build rapport is to pay the professor a visit during their office hours and re-engage with them. Talk to them about your plans to grad school and ask for their advice. This is a great way to reconnect. They already have a PhD so asking them about their opinion and experience is a fantastic way to find common ground. Also, start early! There is nothing worse than students who request LORs close to deadlines. It takes time to write a good letter, so let them know in advance!

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Go with professors who know you and who know your work.  For example, any professors you did research for or who you got to know really well while taking their class (and hopefully did well in).  These will be the people who will be more likely to write meaty letters, which would help. 

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