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Masters in Genomic Medicine

Hank Matisse

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Hey all!

I'm a first time poster here. I'd like your take on my predicament. In short, I'm interested in pursuing a 1 year masters degree in either genomic medicine or biotech, but I lack a traditional scientific background.

studied Economics at Cornell (graduated in 2018 with a 3.55 GPA), with a finance concentration. A few of my classes were in biology and chemistry but they were introductory in nature.
I have been working in a biopharma company conducting business development and due diligence, which has required me to understand gene-based therapies, precision medicine-based innovations, and the biomedical R&D process at some depth. I spend a great deal of time learning about the underlying science behind our molecules, which is why I am interested in pursuing this type of grad degree. My end goal is not to enter research but rather to work in an investment role within the genetic biotech environment, and I feel that a rigorous one year program would be exceedingly helpful toward that end.
Do you think I have a shot at masters programs, such this one: https://www.ox.ac.uk/admissions/graduate/courses/msc-genomic-medicine?
Since my scientific credentials are lacking, I'm considering taking 3-4 month online certificate programs in molecular bio and/genomics before I apply. I'm not sure, though, if having these certificate programs will help in the admission context at all, so before I invest the time and effort on them, I'd love to hear all of your two cents.
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