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Does it look bad to leave a job as an SLPa for a lab position before applying to grad school?

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Hi everyone!

I have a question about employment/experience on grad school apps and I'm wondering if anyone has any insight. I am hoping to apply for my Masters for the Fall 2023 semester, and my first choice is UBC.

I am currently working as an SLPa with autistic children (I have been working here for about 1.5 years so far), in addition to doing some Indigenous language RA work on the side. I recently got the opportunity to take a position as an RA in an Autism and education lab, but I don't think I can realistically balance 3 jobs + school in the fall. I am leaning towards leaving my SLPa job (also due to some other issues at the job), but I don't know if it will look bad on my application to leave a job as an SLPa. 

Some of my other experiences are: 

Volunteering in a stroke and brain injury rehab unit, volunteering as an SLPa and OTa at a children's group therapy session weekly, another RA experience from last year, also working with Indigenous languages, and peer cousin mentorship at my university.

Happy to hear any insight! 

Thanks :) And good luck everyone!

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It won't look bad. The lab position you've described applies to the work you've been doing. If anything, it should make your application stronger because you'll have both clinical and research experience specific to communication sciences. You'll be going into a program knowing more about what you ultimately want to do in the field, which is more than many prospective graduate students bring to the table.

Sounds like a great opportunity! Good luck. 

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