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Classics Phd - Military History


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Hi there!

I was just wondering if anyone knew of Classics Departments with a strong contigent of faculty who teach Roman History, especially military history.

I'm not talking about a Classics department with a working relationship with a History department and their faculty.

I mean a large enough Classics department with specialists in Roman History.

I've noticed that there are quite a few programs who simply outsource all their Greco-Roman history classics to the History department, which shocks me because it is something that just didn't occur at my alma mater.

I want a Phd in Classics not a Phd in History, and so I need Classics faculty who are capable of teaching undergraduate Roman history classes who are also involved in a Classics Phd program.

Also, I read through the Classics forum and noticed there were a few people who were applying to U of Iowa last year. I'm going to look up that program because for some reason I just never considered it.

Can someone tell me about the department and the faculty members there? What are they like and why are people applying there? Do they have a special incentive or is it all because of some research reason?

I'd like to know!

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