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Previously pleased LSAT taker looking for a high GRE score

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I am interested in opinions about GRE prep books that would help steer a reader towards high GRE scores. I have what I'll call thorough experience with the LSAT, where I managed a 96th percentile, so I feel pretty familiar with testmanship, like pacing and utilizing my own strengths and that sort of thing. The LSAT was a beast. No one is born good at the LSAT, you have to grind your way up there and really get to know that test intimately, and in a sense, the test-makers.

I think the LSAT must be a more process-driven test than the GRE, but I don't think it's likely that the GRE doesn't involve constantly evaluating what the test-maker's goals are for every question. 

I used the powerscore LSAT bibles, and I feel that they were very helpful in bringing me up to speed, but there was a pretty hard plateau around the 70-80th percentile and the reason I was able to work up to 96th was because I took literally every LSAT practice exam available, some 20-25 tests. Every time I got a question wrong, I'd look up that question to understand why.

I am concerned about taking the GRE because there are a very limited number of practice exams available, so my LSAT strategy will not work.

Does anyone have any insight about GRE books that could help me? I'm looking for books (or even online courses, if I must) that offer a very comprehensive overview.

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