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Independent math courses

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I am in Chesterbrook, PA. I don't want to get into a whole degree program, just a semester or 2 of part-time mathematics courses, after work or weekend classes.

Calculus, graph theory , algebra , combinatorics , real analysis are some of the courses I would be interested in.

Aim : To take some courses to strengthen my application for an MBA.

What are my options and how do I go about it? Should I take the SAT or GRE or GMAT for this? I have a degree in engineering.

I had taken math courses in college half a decade ago but under performed there. I want to patch that up.

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I don't think you always have to take exams to take individual classes. You need to see if any schools in your area will let you enroll as a non-matriculated student. For some schools, this may require filling out an application and sending test scores, but I think others will let you take classes if there are speces available in the class.

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