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grad school suggestion in ML/CV


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Hi all ~

I will apply for CS PhD 2011. Most of my research experience is in the area of Computer Vision (object recognition) and Machine learning (graphical model and bayesian methods).

I'm most interested in statistical machine learning, probabilistic graphical model and probably their applications in CV.

I will apply Berkeley(ML) and MIT(CV) (just give a try :). Then maybe Caltech (CV), Upenn (CV/ML).

Could anyone suggest more schools/groups/professors? Perhaps less prestigious schools which are more practical for me?

Thanks a lot~

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Of course you can just go down the list of top schools and keep picking.

For what its worth, and I know this is a long shot, but Kansas State University continually gets first (or second) place in the machine vision competition in AAAI.

I'm not sure why this is... but you may add it to your list of schools. Otherwise, the top 5 (Stanford, Berkeley, MIT, CMU, UIUC) are all top notch in the area.

I am currently at UIUC and Roth is great for ML and Forsyth is great for CV.

I'd ask your current professors for their opinion too.

Good luck!

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CMU, MIT and Berkeley probably have the most comprehensive group of CV people. The rest of the top 10 EXCEPT Princeton (Stanford, UW, Georgia Tech, UIUC, UT Austin, Cornell) are also very good and they're about equal for CV, with some schools being better than others at some areas.

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