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unrealistic dreams?


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Howdy y'all!

Growing up, I knew that I always wanted to continue my education past undergrad. I have very BIG dreams and I'm looking to pursue a MA in History (I haven't really solidified my area of study). I am very passionate about history and how it has shaped the way we live now and how we will go forth in this lifetime!

However, and this a major worry, I got my undergrad in film at film school. It is an accredited school where I got my BS in my major. 

Is it even realistic for me to be pursuing grad school when I did not undergrad in the field and did not go to a "normal" four year school. 

I'm looking for honest feedback and insight. 

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Hey, I am in a somewhat similar position, though down the road. I have just retired and am looking into a Masters in History for the love of it. Seems like many history programs start with teaching basic skills for historians, and not having a previous degree in the area is not a major stumbling block. Two of my degrees are in the sciences and one in business, and the schools I have spoken with haven't blinked. But then, I have 25 years of work experience behind me - that might make a difference too.

But I think you can consider yourself still a viable candidate. 

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