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Canadian MPH - Out of Province practicum?

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Hey all! 

Incoming BC MPH student here. I was wanting to do my practicum outside of BC, and was looking for a bit of advice. 

Some context on my background- I have worked in multiple health authorities and non-profits for about 5 years now. I have quite a bit of administrative, technical, and project management experience that ranges from health administration to health informatics to quality & patient safety, data analysis, business analysis....etc. Because of this, I'd really like to not do a practicum in BC- as I already have connections to local agencies and a lot of the roles I have done have had almost equivalent responsibility (if not more) than some of the practicum roles I've seen offered by my university in the past. 

And so, I thought that my next step would be to try and leave the province in hopes of landing a practicum with a federal agency, or at least get a role with an agency in another province so I can see how things are like there. Ideally, I'd like to go to Ontario.

For those of you who have gone this route or have landed a federal agency practicum- any advice? What was your process like? How did you reach out to these agencies? 


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