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GRE Percentiles in Score Report Changed...!


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I'm just surprised because I was under the impression that the percentile you get in your GRE score report would stay the same, but I guess I was wrong. I took the GRE four years ago and had a 98th percentile in Verbal, 98th percentile in Analytical Writing, and 73th percentile in Quantitative Reasoning. Even as late as two years ago, when I downloaded a copy of the student report for myself, the percentiles still showed as the same. In fact, these scores helped me get into both of the schools to which I applied for my masters (only applied to two).

Today I signed in to my ETS profile to check my score report and saw that my Analytical Writing section dropped by 1 percentile (ehh) but my Quantitative Reasoning section dropped by a whole 6%! I'm so disappointed. I saw the fine print just now saying that they update the scores during a 3-year period.

I'm applying for a PhD in a humanities field to the same school where I graduated from with my masters. Do you think the math scores now being in the 67th percentile would make a drastic difference? At least my score is still in the 160s. What do you think?

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