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Looking for advice - MS Statistics/Applied Stats

Sam moh

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Hey everyone, I just graduated from college and I'm planning to apply for an MS in Stats for the Fall 2024 cycle. I'm very worried about my GPA, but anyways, here is my profile:
Undergrad Institution:  Grinnell College (it's a good, academically rigorous LAC in the US)
Major(s): Quantitative Economics & Econometrics
Minor(s): Statistics 
Cumulative GPA: 3.3
Major GPA: 3.67
Type of Student: International 
GRE General Test: Will take in a couple months

Relevant Courses

Calc 1 (A-), Linear Algebra (B+), Number Theory (A), Real Analysis (B-), Higher level Probability Theory (B), Statistical Modeling (A), Intro Data Science (A-),Econometrics (A), Macroeconomics(A), Microeconomics (A-) [other econ classes are also B+,A-,A]

Work Experience: Currently working as an Analyst at a health tech startup in the US. Day to day job requires data analysis, financial analysis, Competitive & Market research, building dashboards. [Assume I will work for 2 years before my masters applications.] I also have other internship experience more closely related to statistics! 

Research Experience:

 Working on the side(3-4 hrs a week) as data analyst at a lab doing cancer research. I mainly clean the data and help them build their models in R. I am told my name will be on the paper if they manage to get their research published. 

- [Award]Honorable mention at USCLAP (The Undergraduate Class Project Competition) hosted by the American Statistical Association. (this was a group project)


Additional imp info: I had a rough start to college and I was not doing well mentally, so I have a D in calc II :( ( I also took a semester off but still graduated on time - in-fact I graduated in 7 semesters). I re-took calc II at a community college in my semester off and I did well and got the credits transferred to my transcript. Since then I have taken many higher level math classes and I am capable of doing math. Additionally after the semester off, my grades shot up A LOT in all my classes. All the "bad" grades on my transcript are in my first year. Since then I haven't gotten a grade below B-

Question: Do I have a shot of getting into some decent Statistics programs? 



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