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SSHRC applications 2011


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Hello Everyone,

I am currently VERY new to the world of applying for funding. I am currently planning to apply to PhD programs in Clinical Psychology for a start next year and thought that I might as well take a chance with applying for a doctoral funding award! As I am not yet affiliated with a university, I am interested if there are awardees who were applying without affiliation from past years that could help a gal out and offer suggestions for writing the research proposal.

I have a list of schools that I am planning to apply to, and I have an area of research I am very interested in continuing to pursue in my PhD however, without any idea where I will be accepted and who I will be working with, it makes it harder to write a detailed research proposal than it would be for a student who has these bases covered.

Any suggestions about this topic or any other pointers for a first time applicant would be greatly appreciated.



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The quick answer is to choose the place where you would like to go, and argue for that university/program. It doesn't matter if you're not taken, SSHRC won't take back the funding if you don't end up there.

You should check this forum:

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