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Fall 2023 Review

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Undergrad Institution: USNews ~6-10 range, Ivy/similar
Major(s): Math
Minor(s): Statistics
GPA:  ~3.8x 
Type of Student: DWM 

GRE General Test: 334 + 5.5 (Q+V / W)


Grad Institution: R1, large public research institution
Concentration:  Statistics
GPA: 3.96
Programs Applying: Statistics PhDs, loosely looking at UChicago, Wisconsin, Michigan, Cornell, UNC, Yale, and UIUC. 
Research Experience: Applied physics research throughout 3 years of undergrad, 1 nth author journal pub / 1 poster prez 
Awards/Honors/Recognitions: Dean's list all quarters undergrad, latin honors @ graduation
Pertinent Activities or Jobs: undergrad physics + math tutor, grad TA for statistics and probability theory courses 
Letters of Recommendation: Honestly...not sure how they're going to be. I think recs from my undergrad profs are going to be good, from grad profs unsure. 
Math/Statistics Grades:  Undergrad: Multivariable Calc (A-), Vector Calc (B), Linear Algebra (B), Complex Analysis (B), Intro to Proofs (A), Real Analysis(A/A/A), Abstract Algebra (B+/A/A), Advanced Linear Algebra (A), Number Theory (A), Statistical Theory + Probability (A/A/A), Regression (A-), Intro CS/OOP/Data Structures (A/A/A), Physics Mech/E&M/Waves (A/A/A) Grad: Statistical Theory (A-/A+), Probability Theory (A+/A+/A), Measure Theory (A), Advanced Probability Theory (A+), Applied Regression (A)
Misc: Rather unfortunate situation -- I'm a rising second year currently in a stat PhD program. My school is excellent -- it's a fine program and I like the people / structure -- but the bulk of the department is focused on a fairly niche research area. I entered the program expecting to focus on that area, but over the course of the first year have realized that it's really not for me, and I think my research fit would be much better elsewhere. Unfortunately can't offer much more detail re: the nature of the program / its research focus without doxing myself, but feel free to message directly for more info.
I guess part of this is just wondering: I'm going to get a coursework-based masters next spring assuming I pass all my qualifying exams at minimum at the masters level, but will quitting my current program with the masters and applying to new programs be looked at hugely unfavorably? Also, would there be any merit in applying to programs that rejected / waitlisted me in my initial application cycle a year and a half ago? 
Appreciate any insight. 
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