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Should I apply to PhD programs?

michigan girl

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I am considering applying to doctoral programs for Fall 2023 admission. I have been thinking about where I see myself five years from now personally and professionally. However, I am wondering if a doctoral degree is even worth it for me at this point of my life. 

  • I am in my mid-30s and single with a research-based master's degree.
  • I enjoy where I am currently living. 
  • I have stable full-time employment with a think tank. 
  • My colleagues are master's and doctoral degree-holders. 

If I am admitted into a doctoral program, my intended long-term career is becoming a senior administrator at a nonprofit organization. Seeking a tenure-track position is not a priority for me.  My best friends have confided in me that I should pursue a law degree because it will be a better ROI and it's only three years in duration. Plus, law would be an evolution of the research that I currently do at work (law and society). I have even considered the JD/PhD route, but I fear that I may encounter burnout. I know that law school is not easy. I look forward to your advice!

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