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Hi, I have some questions for my MFA research


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Hello, I’m a very newbie in Gradcafe

I have some questions for my MFA research. I just found here where I want talk together with someone.

(I refered to book "The Iconology of Abstraction" by routledge) 

I’m studying and analyzing Iconology with an abstract focus in science and arts now.
So I’m wondering if anyone here can share knowledge or ideas about it.

Traditional art(involving Contemporary Art) can be said with Iconography and Iconology, so It is made to be interpreted easily in art theory and arouses feelings such as beauty, sublime, and so on. Because it is embodied in our mind and cognition through our daily life and our history.

But, Iconology can’t contain Abstraction, because there is no symbol. Some art with science and technology seem like that too. Even though they have symbol or an icon that can touch a human’s mind, people can’t interpret and feel that. 

It is only considered by scientific experts with rich histories of contexts or experiments about it. 

I believe maybe there is a method to integrate cognitive beauty between art and science. With Iconology research in science and technology, we would find sources or research about arousing aesthetic impressions in scientific symbols. 

Any feedback would be highly appreciated. Thank you

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