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Choosing third LOR: Can I ask a prof of a class in progress?

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I'm applying to 7 MA and PhD programs for Sociology and Criminology. I've got one LOR for certain (a professor in a different department, but a really strong relationship), and I'm fairly certain I'll ask the supervisor from my internship last semester (a prof at one of the schools I'm applying to, and a good relationship, but not someone I had a class with). My question now is how do I chose who else to ask for my third letter? 

Option 1: There's a professor whose class I'm taking right now, who knows and likes me (I think) but I won't have actually received a final grade by the time some of the applications are due (and this is my first class with her). I think she'd say yes, but would it be a good idea?  (there are actually 2 new profs I have this semester I'd consider asking, she's just higher-ranking in the department)

Option 2: A professor I've had for 2 or 3 classes, but teaches hundreds of students each semester. He discussed grad school with me last semester and encouraged me to go. He even said he'd write me a rec letter when we discussed it, but I've seen him many times since then and he doesn't seem to remember me. I could just remind him of our conversation and ask, and he might say yes, but would it really be that good? Not sure how much he could write about me if he doesn't remember my name lol 

Option 3: A professor who I took last semester, got an A, and discussed grad school a couple times/talked after class and stuff. We never had a super close relationship or anything, but I could drop by a couple times or email and he'd likely remember me. He seems really nice, and might say yes, but again, not sure just how personable it'd be


Note: my earliest apps are due Dec 1, but most are Jan/Feb so I've got a little bit of time to work on following up with profs from previous classes. I ust don't want to wait last minute to ask anyone. would love some advice on who to ask!!

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Hi, yes I asked my discrete math professor whom im stil currently in class and developed a great relationship with because of my participation in class and going to his office hours for casual conversation.

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