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Low undergrad GPA v High Grad GPA


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With the application deadlines just around the corner, I was starting to apply into programs. I was wondering what else I could do to mitigate my low GPA during undergrad (3.3 cum., 3.4 major). Back then, I didn't care about my grades as I was sure I wanted to go into the industry, and was working an co-op along with learning stuff at the side that really hurt my grades, but I had fairly tale dreams about the industry and it wasn't what I wanted. Especially, a lot of my math grades suck which are PRETTY important.

I started a masters recently, and was able to get a respectable 3.78 so far. I have also taken graduate level number theory course, and am taking a graduate level graph theory class, both I'm expecting good grades in to prove I don't actually suck at math (I'm actually good I think).

I do have a lot of co-op experience (3 years I literally worked part time throughout my college journey), a few years of research experience at a lab, 1 paper, and 1 we are working on, and probably will have 3 strong LORs. 

Is it possible for me to use all of these + my SOP to explain my low undergrad gpa? I'm not looking to apply into the top 5 programs or anything, but I'm hoping to get into top 50 programs at-least.

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