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What does MEP design mean in construction?


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MEP design for single townhouse
The design profile for the common single-family townhouse is simple.
Profile includes:

Drawings: Autocad and PDF
Calculation explanation (when required).
MEP design for townhouses and urban projects
The profile of townhouses in the urban area project is basically similar to that of a single townhouse.
However, for the townhouse project of the project, the number of apartments is relatively similar in architecture, but it should be noted that the infrastructure outside the house will not be the same, so it is necessary to carefully check the systems that are connected to the technical system. outdoor art.

Profile includes:

Drawings: Autocad and PDF
Table of items
Calculation notes
Spec (Technical Requirements)
Basic systems:
Water supply system:
The water supply system has the function of bringing water from the external network to the water-using devices that meet the required quality, flow and pressure.

Additional optional systems:

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Solar hot water
Local water heater
Central filter
Local filter at faucet
townhouse water supply
Drainage system:
The drainage system has the function of collecting and treating all indoor wastewater to meet standards before being discharged into the outdoor drainage system.

Additional optional systems:

Grease separation system
Rainwater collection system
Drainage pump system from the basement
townhouse drainage
Power system:
The electrical system has the function of transporting and supplying electricity from the electrical cabinet outside the house to all electrical appliances in the house.

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Integrated systems in the power system:

Power supply system
Lighting systems
Electric light system
Lightning protection system
Sound system
Camera systems
power system
Air conditioning system:
The air conditioning system is designed to create fresh and cool air for the function rooms when the weather outside is hot.

Optional systems when designing:

Two-pack air conditioning system
Ceiling VRV system
Ceiling concealed VRV system
Smoke extraction system

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