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Please Grade my Issue Essay: Although sound moral judgment is an important characteristic of an effective leader, it is not as important as a leader’s ability to maintain the respect of his or her peers.


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It is generally believed that it is not important for leaders to posses sound moral judgement than to maintain the respect of his or her peers. I strongly believe that a leader should first be morally sound.

A morally able leader is able to take right decisions in most of the difficult situations. If he or she is morally corrupt, that the doom of its peers is inevitable. The present situation of Sri Lanka is a very strong example. The Rajpaksha government's decision in Sri Lanka like switching to fully organic farming and leasing important national port to China has lead to an economic crisis in the country and made it dependent on other nations economically.

Morally sound decisions would look for the benefits in the long term. A far sighted decision is much better that an emotional short-sighted one. The decision to call for a full lockdown by Indian Governmet to check the spread of COVID 19 proves this point. Though the lockdown had a grave effect on country's economic health. But this correct decision on time saved multiple lives and helped to protect the Human resource that can make up for the economic loss in the long run.

Though some believe that leader's ability to maintain the respect of its peer is more important as respect is much important than any other things. But sometimes extreme believes in these ideas can be catastrophic. For example, Hitler blinded by the idea of taking revenge for the defeat of First World War led to another was causing more harm to its citizens that before. Whereas, after the Nuclear attack on its major cities Japan took a morraly correct decision to call for an end to Second World War. Instead of carrying it further they decided to focus on mitigating the amage already caused and further development of its nation.

To conclude, it can be said that the ability of a leader to take morally just decisions is more important than thinking blindly only for respect of its peers. In my opinion, a morally sound decision will be based on to a long term benefit compared to a decision taken only out of short sighted feeling of respect.

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