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Looking for advice on PhD programs fall 2023

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Hi all,

I am kind of a freshman in this forum, but I have read through some posts, the advice was very helpful and I would like to ask for some help as well. I would like to get a PhD and go into academia since my interest is in statistical research(for now). I have some relevant backgrounds on math and stats, I am myself a master's student. However, this is my first time completing an application myself and it is relevant to the next 4-5 years of studying. I a bit lost when it comes to choosing the right program. And I don't know if my GRE score would harm my application, but I prefer not to take it again.

Below is my profile, if someone would like to help me out, I would really appreciate it. Thanks a lot!

Undergrad: top 8 university in Canada

Major: Math

Cumulative GPA:3.5/4.3  Major GPA: 4.0/4.3

Master: Same university, statistics Major GPA:4.2/4.3

Research Interest:Asymptotic statistics, hypothesis testing, sequential decision making, intersection of causal inference and machine

Relevant Courses level from low to high: Statistics and Probability A+, Real Analysis A, Linear Regression A+,Computational Data Analysis A, Fundamental Statistical Inference A, Statistical Learning A+, Generalized LinearModels A+, Survival Analysis A+. Stochastic Process A, Statistical SAS programming A+, Statistical Inference A+, Asymptotic Theory A+,Probability Theory A+.

GRE test:155(v)+166(q)+4

Project Experience: (Undergrad)Semi parametric methods in exploring investigational treatment effects on ovarian cancer, (Grad)An introduction to Double/Debiased Machine learning for treatment and causal parameters

Research Experience: A preprint on arxiv, paper submitted to a stat journal

Jobs experiece: Two terms TA and RA.

Letters: 3 letters, two from Math and Stats, one from Public health and biostats. 2 strong letters(I think), 1 well-known.


I have actually made a list of schools to apply to, but I am not sure if they are suitable with my background.

My list of schools: (Dream school) Upenn, UChicago, UWashington. (Ideal School) UWisc-Madison, UCLA,UT Austin, Yale, UIUC, UMN, Purdue, Rutgers, Cornell, Columbia, PSU, TAMU, UF,ISU, GWU

(School in Canada) UOT, Waterloo

My idea is to apply to America if possible, because my undergrad and master were completed in Canada, and I would like to learn from a boarder range of statisticians.

To summarize my questions:

According to my background, are the target schools suitable? What tier/rank should I apply to in general?


Thanks again!


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