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Strange Difficulties with Advisor

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TLDR: I'm somewhat worried that my primary advisor will write a LOR that significantly underrepresents my work, behavior, and character.

I am currently a master's student in statistics. My research advisor has recently been advising me avidly that it is a bad idea to apply to PhD program in statistics with the end goal of industry. They claim that everyone who applies to PhD's in statistics have the end goal of academia, and if they end up in industry it's because something went wrong. They have stated that my interest in industry, my planned gap year working in industry post-graduation, and my uncertainty about whether I am going to apply and are reasons why I should not apply for a PhD, and further that I would not get into a good one if I did, since it would somehow be evident from my application.

This seems somewhat wrong based off of the other professors and students that I've talked to. I wanted to get opinions from a broader audience, and would much appreciate any thoughts on the following:

  • I'm worried that they may not write me a good letter of recommendation. I've proved a theorem related to machine learning (I think-we remain to find an error) and I have always been polite and respectful. However, I naively mentioned another one of their advisees who is also very bright and serious who wants to go into industry after a PhD and they said, "Maybe he won't get in anywhere!" I truly think they have good intentions, but I'm still worried, as they are the only professor I've done research for as a grad student. Further, they have not gotten around to checking my proof so I'm not sure they really know what I've done. I've asked cordially if they could check it and they just replied that I should know how to check my own work (even though I've checked it ~15 times). They seemed excited about this theorem before I came up with a proof, but now they do not and have even talked down on it. They have also been saying that taking hard math classes are more important than research, which is the opposite of what I have heard generally.

Thanks in advance

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