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SLP Grad App Community Group - Fall 2023 Admissions Cycle

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Hi everyone, dont mean to bombard you all with questions but just wondering if anyone know if uOttawa publishes its admissions statistics? Also if yall have any thoughts on some other stuff related to applying for SLP I am trying to figure out if I have a chance or if I should go back to school and get a second degree.

I didn't start off in linguistics and my first 3 years of school I hated what I was doing alongside really awful mental health and life related stuff so my cGPA is 3.26, with a subGPA of 3.56 (again way less than ideal) I don't really plan on applying this year as I know I'll need hundreds of volunteer hours to make up for this at the very least but I'm wondering if anyone would be willing to weigh in on what they think is feasible to expect. (I should mention I know that I also have two strong letters of reference, but not sure how much it all reallllly counts for).

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