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Biomedical informatics/Computational Biology Masters - Suggestions on programs?


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Hi all, 

I'm at my 4th year and anxiously applying for 23 Fall entry. 

Major : Computational and System Biology (minor stat) 

Undergrad : UC system

GPA : 3.5 / 4.0 (I can try to get better this quarter) 

GRE : 331 (3.0) 

Research experience : no publication

  • 9 months research experience at an MCDB lab doing image analysis with a given U-net package

Work experience : 9 months teaching assistant in high school as I have no accommodation in COVID time. 

I'm interested in the bio/medical imaging or image processing field, so I've been looking at several programs in the US. 

  • Harvard BMI
  • Stanford BMI
  • CMU Comp Bio
  • UCLA MII (but they say they are only taking MS from their BS/MS, really unsure) / Bioengineering
  • UCB Bioeng-Biomedical Imaging
  • UPitts BMI

My biggest concern is my research experience is rather short and without an outstanding GPA, would it be too high aims for an international student? Should I try more programs?

I heard that UCSF generally disfavor international students? Also, it seems not many people apply to UWash-Seattle, do anyone know why?


Any advice would be really appreciated ! 

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