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Job opportunities after Masters at ETH,Zurich


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I intend to apply to ETH, Zurich for masters in Electrical Engineering. I needed to know what are the job opportunities after a masters degree from there. I want to enter professional practice ( Industry) after I complete my masters. So, does it add to the chances I have at Undergraduate level? I know i sound foolish but I kind of need to support my parents once I've completed Masters. So, I need to weigh the opportunity costs. Should I look for US universities?

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I don't think having a masters necessarily adds to your chances, but it does let you enter higher up in terms of salary and responsibility. It's also not uncommon to see masters degrees working in industry's R&D labs.

A lot of companies have offices in Zurich, the big ones that I can think of off the top of my head are IBM and Siemens, both of which hire M.S. degrees in EE.

In regards to considering schools in the US, it's always worth considering, especially if you think you have a shot at some of the good schools and there are a number that offer funding to masters students. However, holding a degree from a US institution doesn't automatically mean you can work in the US, it still requires citizenship, permanent residency or employment authorization.

Contact the career services offices at all of the schools that you are considering and ask about job placement rates, average starting salaries, etc. Most established schools will track those statistics. That should help you determine if it's worth it for you. For instance, the average starting salary for a M.S. in EE from my university is 30% higher than just a B.S. so you come out head fairly quickly even though the B.S. would've been working for 2 years when you enter the work force.

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