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U of T recent graduates seeking for master program in US


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Hi, everyone:

I am a recent graduate from the university of toronto, St. George campus, with a Honored bachelor of science specializing in Human Biology: Genes, Genetics and Biotechnology. I am now a Canadian permanent resident (not becoming citizen yet, is it regarded as an international student in the US?). My gpa is around 3.85/4 and I had three times of transferring school experience (change the program as well, from previous Arts to the current Science program).

I have very limited research experience in this field before (cuz I dont like doing lab research), and I plan to apply for some master programs that do not require much undergraduate research experience, and prefer more job-oriented fields such as Bioinformatics, Biotechnology. My work experience is also quite limited, just did some part-time casual jobs (like tutor, typist and admin) before, not really designed for my future career. I had plenty of volunteer experience, volunteer teacher in poor regions, volunteer in hospital, volunteer helper for orientation camp, and volunteer peer tutor. I also got some leadership experience where I was one of the directors in a school club in my previous university.

BTW, I will take my GRE soon, and my estimated mark as I have already tested myself is around 1300-1400(800+500--600)+ 3.5-4.

With regard to my reference letters, two of them will be the professors in university of toronto, one is my supervisor in the hospital I volunteered.

I am just wondering what master programs and what schools I should apply for, where I have a better chance of receiving the offers.

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