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MA or MS in Mathematics


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I've been browsing the boards here, and it looks like the question has a different answer depending on the field. I'll be applying soon for a Master's degree in mathematics in a few Boston-area schools, and I was wondering just how bad the funding situation is for these. I have professional tutoring experience, which might boost my chances for a teaching assistantship, but apart from that I'm just your usual applicant.

I applied to a few schools last year for a PhD, but got into none, so this will be my second round of applications! Anybody else going in for math? Let's be friends!

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I'm also going into math, and I'm just your general applicant. From which Ph.D. programs did you get rejected? Did they give you any feedback as to why you weren't selected? Did any of the schools offer you a position as a Master's student instead? I've heard that some programs will, but never specifically heard someone say it happened to him or her.

As far as funding goes, I am looking for the same information (although not for Boston). I have found that most of the individual programs I'm looking at specify on their websites whether or not funding is given to Master's students. Specifically, I've found some programs to say they absolutely do not offer funding to any Master's students and some will break down the dollar amounts of the funding they offer on that level. I've found plenty that actually do offer the opportunity for funding, with no indication as to how many people actually receive those assistantships. So you just have to look at their websites and maybe call the schools for additional information. Also I've discovered that some departments make the decision once per year, so awards are given in the Fall for the academic year, and no additional funding is available in Spring. (And Summer is case-by-case across the board, if available).

On this website: http://mup.asu.edu/ , there is a document of top american research universities, which is somewhat helpful. Also the AMS has a guide on assistantships: http://www.ams.org/programs/ams-fellowships/emp-agfforms , which is probably really what you're looking for. Keep in mind that not all schools are represented, and contacting the perspective school is always the more accurate way to go.

Good luck!

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