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Texas A&M's Nuclear Security, Science and Policy Institute


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I'm currently trying to find information about M.S. programs in nuclear engineering, preferably with a strong emphasis on non-proliferation and disaster management. As a Texas resident, Texas A&M's Nuclear Security, Science and Policy Institute (NSSPI) is very affordable and seems to have a perfect curriculum, but there's little information on their website regarding the prerequisites to enrollment.

The major problem is that I have a liberal arts background, with a double major in political science and history. I have very little quantitative experience and my quantitative score on the GREs was pretty awful. I have decent verbal scores with a 660V and 5.5 on the analytical, mediocre 3.2 GPA, and four years of relevant work experience with the Department of Homeland Security.

Are there any similar M.S. programs out there that don't require an undergraduate education in physical sciences or mathematics? Or would I be better off to simply pursue an M.A. in international relations, supplemented with electives in nuclear security?

And I guess as a corollary to that, can anyone tell me anything about the Bush School of Government and Public Affairs?

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