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Is anyone reapplying this cycle?


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I've deferred my acceptance to an MA program and, in the meantime, have decided to apply to a few Ph.D. programs. The ones I didn't have bandwidth to apply to last year are an easy choice, but I'm still debating on which programs to reapply to. Some of the curatorial projects I was just beginning last fall are now past, which I can discuss in my SOP. Besides that, not too much has changed. 

On the one hand, I've heard its best not to reapply to a program unless you've gone through significant growth. On the other hand, I've heard it can be a bit of the luck of the draw. For one of the Ph.D. programs I applied to last year, I was told that they strongly considered my app, but then only accepted me to the MA program because that particular professor could only take on a few students. I'm wondering if that will be the same story once again.. For me, the issue is that I am an older student and don't have time to wait a few years and go back, plus I have a offer on hold for next fall. How have others navigated their second or third application cycle?

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8 hours ago, Dreams said:

Have you reached out to potential professors and asked if they were taking on students for the coming year?  That itself can give you an idea where to start.  

Good point, I have confirmed with the schools I am applying to for the first time, but not the potential repeats.

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I decided to re-apply to 3/4 schools I applied to last year plus 4 more schools. One professor from last year told me why I didn't get in last year and what I should improve in my application for this cycle. Others I made the mistake of not reaching out to last cycle and this year I have been more proactive in reaching out to professors and having longer exchanges with them. 

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