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Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering

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Hi everyone~ I am an international applicant from Taiwan currently applying for PhD programs in Chemical Engineering in the US.

The following is my background information:

Undergraduate GPA: 3.63/4.0 (174 credits), Graduate GPA: 3.41/4.0 (24 credits)

TOEFL: 103, GRE: not taking GRE

Publications & Research experience:

(1). 4 SCI peer-reviewed papers (co-first author*1 + second author*1 + review article*1) 

(2). Research exp: undergraduate (2.5 yrs) + graduate (1.5 yrs)

I just received an invitation for Zoom interview last week and the offer with tuition scholarship and stipend few days afterwards from Iowa State University.

I also applied for other institutions like Penn State, the Ohio State, Purdue, TAMU, and Rice University.

As for the institutions that I applied for, what time do other applicants usually get an offer or interview, and based on the previous results, is there any chances that I can be admitted by those schools?

Thanks for reading my post! 

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