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Applying to the same graduate schools twice in a row



Hello, I had a query regarding graduate school applications.

I was planning on applying for graduate schools for Fall 2023. However, I currently have an offer for a job that I want to pursue for the next year. I was still thinking of applying to the schools to understand the process and improve my profile for next year accordingly. I wanted to ask are there any downfalls to this, that is, to applying and possibly getting selected but not joining the school? Also, I wanted to ask what are the possibilities of deferring one's application for a master's program for an year if one does get selected?

Thanks a lot for all your help, it is much appreciated!

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You would be better off applying at a time when you would be able to commit to attending a program if accepted.  Most schools won't permit a deferral unless there is an exceptional situation (like, being unable to get a visa due to covid shutting down embassies).  Keep in mind a few things, with the current econ situation, keeping any job is not a guarantee.  Also, admission to any program isn't a guarantee either.  Other than that, if you apply but don't actually plan to attend a program, that's a waste of an application fee, potential standardized test fee, and a professor's time writing a reference letter.  But at least you would have the parts of the application done for when you are ready.  

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