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Professional development course grades

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Hi all,

I'm a first year PhD student and just finished my MA at the same university. We are required to take a PhD PD course which is helpful, but is the most intense grading I've experienced in grad school. Prior to this, the lowest grade I've received in my program so far was a A- on a paper in my first MA term which I revised for an A and then all As after that. In this course, I've gotten two B+ and two A-. The other students have mostly gotten the same range, though one has gotten two As and two A minuses. These are PD assignments, so 5 year plans, conference proposals, etc.

I've talked to the prof and she told me I was doing fine, and I'm talking to her again after this latest B+, which she is allowing me to revise for a higher grade, and hopefully talk more frankly ("is this really a D? Am I totally messing up?")...but it's honestly so stressful. And just sort of shameful that I can write an MA thesis successfully but now I suddenly can't do a 5 year plan that is A level---maybe my brain has broken?  

Has anyone experienced this with a class that is similar? I mostly just am looking for similar experiences since I know the only solution is talking to her, my advisor and just working harder.

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