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I am beginning to consider a dual degree route and was wondering what others opinions were on this? I know for certain that I do not wish to be a lawyer, rather I wish to do policy analysis but at a high level. If anyone has pursued this path and would like to shed some light on what their stats and experiences were, I would find that greatly beneficial.

My interest in this path is still very elementary. When I apply, I will have a few years work experience under my belt (political and policy analysis positions). I know this is beneficial for the MPP, but does it matter at all for law school? My GPA is only 3.3 and while I expect to do well on GRE/LSAT, I am realistic that I will receive a good score but by no means a perfect one. Good letters of rec from past employers is a given. I do not need to go to Harvard, just a high ranked program with good name recognition (Ex. UMD-- although I intend on applying to some top programs for good measure). If you know of some programs that have dual degree options, I would greatly appreciate you listing them here. Preferably if they are in an urban setting. Thanks!

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