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Can someone please grade my essay and give feedback? I will really appreciate it !


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Schools should do more to prepare students for the non academic aspects of adulthood. (Issue Task)


Schools should do more to prepare students for the non academic aspects of adulthood. Schools play a major role in shaping the future the of a child. Thus it becomes very important on the school’s part to not only pay attention to the academic but also the non academic aspect as well.


This statement is very well true and should be realized by every schools and educational institution. While the schools are busy polishing the academic features of astudent they certainly fail to bring out the other important features which a student needs to face the future with. A very important non academic aspect of a student’s life is self-confidence which many lack and which should be given proper attention to while in school so that when it is time to leave the nest they are beaming with self confidence and ready to achieve their goals. For eg;- It is not unknown that in a class of students there are more than a half proportion of students who are shy shy and lack confidence and do not participate in anything whatsoever. While others participate of their own will, teachers are happy and just fine with the same students participating in everything over and over again. It is not tried to bring the student who lack confidence in light and show them that they are also capable of doing what other students are doing. This lack of confidence and participation remains with them throughout their life, some might overcome while some live with it. 


On the other hand extracurricular activities play a very important role in student’s life as well. Sadly they are not given much importance amd only a minute fraction of student’s life is occupied with extracurricular activities. The students should be involved in sports, activities not only related to academics but also fun activities, light hearted group discussions and other activities and not always make it about winning but about enjoying which would encourage students to speak their minds and appreciate and understand the thoughts of the other participants.


Furthermore, Self Love is a very important aspect of a human’s life and if it is taught from early age it will be gold for any child and that platform is a school. Students come from various backgrounds, some are rich, some poor, some are from a loving family while some are from a rigid family. And not all of them get lessons on how self love should be incorporated in one’s life but school is platform where they can learn this and inculcate the same in themselves. For example, a child belonging from a family where he is always told how he should be best in everything and no matter how many times he does his best he’s never appreciated, these will lead him to doubt himself and the child will never be happy with himself and will continue to live his life with the same trauma. So reassurance and teaching them that they should love themselves no matter who loves or appreciates them is very important. 


Some might argue that if non academic aspects are given so much importance then students will lack in academic aspects which definitely is not a good thing. This might be true but what is needed is a proper execution of the plans to accommodate non academics in a student’s routine because neither of them can be compromised.


Academics are certainly very important for students as they shape a student’s career but so does the non academic aspects. If non academics are given same importance as academics by the schools it will help the students work towards their goal confidently and happily and there will be less chance of them getting lost in life because then they will be aware more about adulthood and they will make their way through life. Therefore a proper balance of both can do wonders to improve the future of students.

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