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Finished my M.S. in Biological Sciences, what should I do for jobs requiring MLT/MLS?


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I recently finished my last semester and have applied to graduate for my M.S. in Biological Sciences, and I'm looking into getting my MLT or MLS certification so that I can apply to MLT and general medical lab positions. I know that there are MLT/MLS programs offered by a handful of universities as required for the ASCP certification requirements, but I cannot afford to pay another $5k for some certification program after finishing my Master's degree. I have had previous work as a laboratory associate/assistant at a Genetics lab (non-academic) which had obtained CLIA certification, but I only worked there for a year and do not qualify for Route 4 eligibility as an MLT.

I do not know what positions I could apply for that would allow me to get MLT/MLS certification without having said certification to begin with, and since I cannot afford another academic program right now I am not sure what job prospects are available to me now that are relevant to my degree. Does anyone have any advice or suggestions to my career route? I desperately need guidance or help, my college never had any form of advice with regards to my current predicament.

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