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I plan to apply to various MPA/MPP/MUP programs (concentration in urban policy) in the U.S. in additional to a Marshall Scholarship for UK study (UCL & Birmingham for Urban Regeneration). Trouble is, all the wonderful rankings out there (true or not) don't give any clue to prestige for urban policy, generally just public admin. I'm an econ/policy double major at Syracuse, math minor, graduating with a 3.91. GREs 800Q, 680V, 5.5 AW. I have a fair amount of work experience in public policy, including 3 semesters with the same think tank, but not as much urban as I'd like (just volunteering & a few data analysis projects for local orgs).

Currently considering: Harvard, Brown, Pitt, Carnegie Mellon, NYU, George Washington, Columbia. Any thoughts on fit at these? Other schools I should consider? I'd like to stay in NE U.S., and am more interested in the policy/research side than the admin, so that's why Maxwell (Syracuse) isn't on my list.

Thanks so much!

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