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GRE needs for internationl styudents


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Hi everyone,

I guess that anxious questions of "will my GRE suffice?" are common, perhaps too common, in these forums.

While I do have an uncontrollable urge to do the same - got V570 and Q750, lower V of all my practice tests - I do know that there's no clear answer.

Now, what I do wonder is if anyone is familiar with the way top universities treat the GRE grade of international students. I ask because I certainly aim high, especially with a 5-6 years immigration involved.

I have heard the notion that GRE are basically for cut offs, and then lose relevance cimpared to other factors - experience, recommendations, SoP etc.

So, do you know, heard of or can speculate regarding mercy when dealing with international students?

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I think this totally depends on the policy of each university. For example NYU, states clearly that for international students criteria on verbal scores might be less strict as usual. But to be honest, i have not read such thing somewhere else.

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