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Relativity in 3D


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I had some private messages so let me clarify the following:

As I mentioned on my Q&A page, I am not questioning the validity of relativity, but rather that the spacetime model is invalid. There is no experimental evidence that actually proves the existence of spacetime. One cannot directly observe through a microscope, the element of mass affecting the constituents of space and time. Since spacetime has yet to be proven experimentally (again, not questioning relativistic effects here, just the spacetime model), we should continue researching alternate theories until one is actually proven experimentally.

My hypothesis derives relativistic effects in three dimensions. That alone is worth consideration. An important difference of my model compared to spacetime is that every entity is responsible for its own reference frame adjustment. Not space, that somehow magically moves itself and heavenly bodies around, but rather, reference frame adjustments are derived by every entity through kinetic energy directly interacting with space. This is an important difference that may not be apparent upon first reading.

Before mathematical expressions may be developed that may lead to experimental evidence, my hypothesis is currently under its review and analysis stage, of first understanding of how a quantum-relativistic unified model may exist in the physical universe. What is unique to my model is that kinetic energy is integrally involved in the generation of both relativistic and quantum mechanical effects.

Dirac provided a mathematical way of unifying relativity with quantum mechanics, what is lacking is a physical model that actually generates these effects simultaneously, and to do so, in a natural manner. My model attempts to accomplish this through kinetic-energy-based tunneling as the basis of where entities are (re)positioned in a system through micro-sliding effects; and accomplish such in only three dimensions.

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Let me further say that it took a while for experimental results of Einstein’s work, so you may have to wait for those on mine. Regarding the advantages of my relativistic-quantum model:

1)    Relativity in 3D. Everybody wanted it, but had to wait until now for it.

2)    Incorporated quantum mechanics into the theory. Dirac did a math trick. My model provides a physical and natural solution that generates both effects simultaneously. The first theory to do so.

3)    Regarding the accelerated expansion of the universe, my model does so by its very nature. No need for an artificial cosmological constant.

4)    Dark matter is no longer a mystery to solve. By considering my model, dark matter provides further insight into how atoms are formed, is the reason for the Great Attractor (with the Dipole Repeller to cause pocket inflation), quantum fluctuations/fabrications have a sensible explanation (matter does not appear out of thin air), how a free neutron decays, etc. Dark matter was previously thought of as only something that causes gravity. What a joke. It is so much more in my model.

5)    On my Q&A page, I described my initial thoughts on further developing my relativistic-quantum model into becoming a true Theory of Everything. Which solves how the constituent of kinetic energy experiences motion, since it cannot require kinetic energy in, of itself, to articulate is own motion. Also, how supernovas explode is better understood with my fusion model, not to mention how iron cores collapse into black holes (neutrinos aren’t enough). My model also provides a possible solution on how black holes move through space (read for more info).

Current physics doesn’t provide viable solutions for any of those items. My model incorporates all in a single theory. The above is beyond what anyone has ever considered accomplishing with a model of the physical universe. How about giving it a try? You may learn something worthwhile…

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