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Post-Decision Agenda (reeeejected)


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So I went soft this year and applied to just one program.

In 2020 I applied to 8 programs and was rejected by all - it took 2 years to recover from that ? I figured that instead of re-subjecting myself to that degree of failure, I should tread softly  to test the waters. I applied only to the UT Austin Neuroscience program and felt confident that my application was stronger than my last at the very least. I had two professors that were interested in my perspective within the program, and thought that gave me a better foundation than I had as a stranger to the department. A few weeks ago, one of said professors reached out to the committee on my behalf. I received a heartbreaking email from him stating that I likely didn't make the cut, but that he was interested in working with me over the next year to fortify my next application. 

I had a shred of hope left, thinking, 'well, I never got a rejection letter soo.....??? maaayyybeee???' ...then I discovered this site. Now I feel more aware of what's behind the curtain, and I'm so grateful for it. 

About me:

I graduated from UW Seattle with a 3.8 Undergraduate GPA - BS in Psychology and a BA in English. I wrote an honors thesis in my undergrad, and have been consistently volunteering or working in research since then. I have also enrolled in a biotechnology certificate program so that I can hopefully leave the restaurant industry and fund my academic passions with something slightly more relevant to what I want to do. 

I'm a first generation college student, and honestly have no idea what the hell I'm doing most of the time. I'm struggling with imposter syndrome, and sometimes wonder if my repeated rejections are due to my low socio-economic status and lack of academic lineage/knowledge. I just keep waking up and doing my best, but it's hard not to doubt myself. That being said - how did you all recover from repeated rejections before being finally admitted or invited for interview?

For those of you swimming in this sad soup: What are we all doing? How are we rebuilding? What's the next step? 



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