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Thesis vs Project MS in computer science, which one is better?

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Here is what I currently know I want or have
  • I want to work on impressive tech startups, preferably build my own after graduation
  • I want to make connections with the most accomplished/ambittious people in both business and tech
  • Settle in the U.S and become naturalized eventually after graduation (don't care if this takes years) so I will need to attend the best places to have the best shot of this happening too
  • I want to gain a deep understanding of the machine learning field so I can develop novel solutions when building my startup in the future
  • I want to make lots of connections with academics and industry professionals so I can build a network I can work with when I want to start a company
  • 2 years of fullstack app development experience working for remote companies
  • CGPA of 3.7 from Iraq’s top American university
  • 113/120 on TOEFL
  • Built one of the most impactful student organizations in the region and helped hundreds of students improve their lives and get into tech, this included raising funding and coordinating student-led bootcamps on campus for students (lots of leadership and management experience)
  • Built a startup/app and a large competitor tried to acquire us, we refused and are now failing but the experience is beyond valuable
Here is why I think thesis based masters is better:
- Easier funding
- More opportunities to meet geniuses and learn from them
- Higher chance of getting published and in turn be able to stay in the states as someone "distinguished"
I have done some reading online and on this sub yet I am still unsure, I know PhDs are for dedicated people so I am steering clear of that. I genuinely enjoy both research and industry work equally, even though research activities I have done are simple, I would enjoy doing stuff like this on a higher level if the perks I mentioned were included.
Please tell me what you think!
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