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USC+CAL STATE joint phd?


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Hey guys, my first post here. My question is how are joint PHDs looked upon. USC offers some joint doctorate programs with local Cal States in engineering. So I know USC's reputation is top notch, but how would a phd look, with a joint program between USC and a local Cal state. The diploma would have both schools on it. And Cal states don't even offer doctorate programs.

Would it be worth putting all the effort to get into USC, only to have both institution's on your diploma. I mean, one would have to sacrifice going to similar ranking schools to USC, but at USC the program I'm interested in is joint.

Does having a doctorate from two institutions, dilute its quality when joint between a high ranking institution, and a lesser one? I'm not sure if its worth pursuing programs in engineering when split between two institutions of such large ranking gap. what are your thoughts on this... For example, a joint program between USC and Cal State San Diego (unranked).

Any input appreciate.


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